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Opening a 401(k)
Is a Good First Step in
Your Retirement Journey


For Most of Our Clients

An employer-sponsored 401(k) is the start of creating a robust approach to addressing the complexity of their retirement needs and goals.

So where do you go from your 401(k) starting point to create the future you want to live?

Bergen Financial Group offers 10 smart next steps.

Free Live Webinar

Reveals 10 Smart Steps You Can Take to
Live Your Best Retirement

Participants in this webinar will learn:

  • When to take Social Security and how to maximize your benefits
  • How to help make IRS Tax Code work for you
  • 5 benefits of working during retirement
  • Assessing your life insurance needs
  • Long-term care and the costs
  • How to create an estate plan and leave a legacy
  • And more!
About the Instructor

About the Instructor

Darcy L. Bergen is a member of the Council of Financial Educators (COFE), an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) non-profit committed to providing the public with the knowledge needed to confidently navigate the ever-changing retirement landscape. He has facilitated over 1,000 college classes, seminars and participatory webinars on retirement financing. 

A fiduciary and founder of Bergen Financial Group, Darcy is a Certified Retirement Financial Advisor (CRFA). 


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