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26 July
Maximize Your Retirement-Live Event Glendale Community College North August 16


Today’s retirement landscape is vastly different from decades past.

This is an Informational Retirement Workshop with a Focus on Tax Strategies in Retirement

Retirees today demand capital preservation with growth for income NOW and in the future. Risks are abundant: sequencing risk, longevity risk, healthcare risk, inflation risk and market risk being among the many.

This course aims to deliver comprehensive and up-to-date information, education and knowledge to help you properly prepare for and maintain a retirement plan in today’s world.

Unique Strategies You Will Learn

  • Retirement planning – the big picture.

  • Tax planning – lowering one of our largest expenses.

  • Income planning – how do I take income in retirement?

  • Investment planning – how to align your investment portfolio with your retirement goals.

  • Risk management – how to mitigate healthcare related expenses in retirement.

  • Social Security – how to decide when to start receiving Social Security. 

Who Should Attend?

  • Individuals and couples between the ages of 60-75

  • Those concerned about our financial markets & wanting to prepare for the next recession.

  • Investors looking for other perspectives or strategies.

  • Baby Boomers looking for guidance on recent academic research.

Date and Time

Tue, Jul 26, 2022

6:30p - 8:30p MST


Glendale Community College North Campus

5727 W Happy Valley Road
Room D-125
Glendale , AZ 85310


Use the webinar link provided, which will bring you to the LeadJig registration page for this event.

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